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Our Guarantee

Dovercourt Immigration Services values all of its clients and we work to meet a high standard of service.

Our tagline states “Trust, Expertise and Personalized Service” and this is for good reason.

Trust: We value the trust that we have been given by you signing on to represent your file. We appreciate that our work has consequences and in most cases life changing ones, so we appreciate and hold sacred the trust that has been placed in our organization

Expertise: We are in the business of providing expertise. It is our duty to be knowledgeable and focused with the most up-to-date areas that we represent. We continually work to keep our knowledge up-to-date and work with colleagues to ensure that professional and representative advice is given.

Personalized Service: Each case is different and as such we treat your file as such. Sure there may be some similarities but when one factor changes then the whole case changes. We do not take a “Cookie Cutter” approach to any case and we tailor our service to each unique need of our clients.

We stand behind all of our work, advice and the representation that we provide, this is the commitment to our clientele.

As a regulated profession we are not allowed to offer a guarantee as this is called “contingency billing”, but we can stand behind our work. We need to balance the rules of the profession while managing the expectations of our clients and the services that we provide.

We only take on cases that are winners in our opinion and if your file if being represented by Dovercourt Immigration Services then rest assured we believe in the merits of your case and believe that we can have an impact.