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Notice To The Public


Recently there have been an increasing number of immigration type scams where people are posing as legitimate immigration companies and targeting hopeful immigrants with many different deceptions to take their money.

Although the scam stories change a bit they are all pretty much the same, in that they will ask that you pay money either by transfer or to a fake person.

Please be advised that Dovercourt Immigration Services:

  • Does not accept payment by Cash
  • Does not accept payment through 3rd party wire transfer like Western Union etc
  • Only accepts payments that are sent to Canada to our Corporate Account

Should someone claim to be an agent of Dovercourt Immigration Services or you have any questions about the authenticity of the person please verify the person.

We sincerely hope that you will not/or have not been a victim of one of these con artists, but please exercise caution and check out their claims.

Additionally, if you have become a victim or are have heard of one of these scams, please contact us and we will publicize any scams, as this is the best defense against this type despicable act.