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How To Apply For Canada’s Start Up Visa



Get the Application package 

The Application Package includes instruction guide and a document checklist.


Fill out the application form

Fill out the Generic Application Form for Canada >> Click the Validate button on the form >> Print the validated application form >> Sign and date the from


Complete the document checklist

Gather all documents in the order identified in the Document Checklist >> Place all necessary documents in a Sealed Envelope >> Print out the document checklist and sign it >> Include the document checklist as the cover page of your application


Pay your application fees

You application fees include:

1.Processing Fees (for you and anyone included on your application)

2.Right of Permanent Residence Fees

3.Third party fees (medical exams, police certificates, language tests)



Submit your application

Before submitting your application, make sure you have:

1.Answered all questions

2.Signed all your applications and forms

3.Paid your processing fees and included receipts in your application

4.Included all the supporting documents

Once an application is approved, you will receive Canadian permanent resident status.