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Farway is the most reliable and trustworthy company for immigration and visa assistance. We assist people, businesses, families, and enterprises in obtaining immigration and non-immigrant visas. Farway is open and honest about how we perform our business so that our clients may trust us. Our objectives are to provide detailed, individualized information, reply fast, and share what we know.

We provide the relevant and required information or guidance for immigration and visa application in order to assist a huge number of individuals. We take pleasure in providing our clients with accurate information in the most efficient manner possible.


Founder And Managing Director

Congratulations! You’re about to embark on the experience of a lifetime. Who could have imagined 100 years ago that moving around the world would be as easy as it is today. From the early explorers of Europe who first came to Canada, to the migration that followed, a lot has happened since then but that pioneering spirit that founded this great nation remains the same. One only needs to talk the newcomers that arrive in Canada every day.

We give 100% transparency with our standard operating procedure and comply fully with the government’s rules and regulations. We do not have any integration with government authorities. We are independent relocation and immigration consultants.

Our experience and your desire make our organization unique and continue to entitle and inspire individuals or families to move to other countries. We always appreciate our employees’ contributions, who are working from the root level to fulfill your dream with expertise.

We provide OCI cards, FRRO Exit Permit, FRRO visa extension and Passport Application information.

Up until now, we have offered reliable assistance to many people across the country. We make our pillars strong with continuous hard work and up-to-date knowledge. 

Our prime importance is to show professionalism while dealing with our clients to ensure the best quality services.

 We value our clients, and our clients also value us because we build trusting relationships with them.

The OCI Card is a multiple-entry, life-long visa that enables the holder to have unlimited travel and continue to stay in India.
An exit permit is a permit for any Indian visa holder who wants to leave India in case of Overstay. Foreign national who overstay in India, any Indian national who surrenders their Indian passport, or foreign national who has newborn babies also needs to apply for an exit permit.
A stay visa is granted by FRRO to extend your visa after the allotted time period.
All three services that we are providing require great knowledge. By adhering to all the government’s rules and regulations, we assure that everything will fall into place. Also, we provide relocation information with all the legal and financial details that you need.
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Working With Dovercourt Immigration Services Has Its Benefits

Dovercourt Immigration Services was founded by Salman Tariq, a registered immigration consultant and a Canadian who re-settled in Canada with his family

Step 1

An affordable Service

We’re always willing to work on an individualized payment strategy

Step 2

Provide you ongoing Support

Part of our service guarantee is to go over and above, with any service that we provide.

Step 3

End-to-End Solutions

We work on solutions from the beginning of the process, right up to your settlement in Canada.

Step 4

Immigration done Strategically

It is important that your case is planned correctly from the beginning and presented strategically from the outset of your initial application with the government.

Step 5

A personalized Solution

We are not a large organization that tries to slot you into a solution, but instead we work to understand the uniqueness of your file and personalize a solution for you.

Step 6

Real deal on Immigration

We DO NOT play games with your future; promise you the world; or sell you false hope, but sadly there are those that will.


The Impact of Our Competitive Efforts
Do you think your company has what it takes to help grow Canada’s economy? If so, Canada immigration’s start-up visa program for permanent residency may be of interest to you.
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Free Advice And Countless Benefits
Choosing Farway as your trusted partner can bring you numerous benefits and invaluable assistance when it comes to visa and immigration matters. Farway is known for offering free advice to clients, ensuring that you receive expert guidance without any financial burden.

Trusted By Many

Farway has a team of experienced consultants who have helped thousands of people with visa and immigration matters.

Required Documents Support

Sometimes it is difficult for the student or people which document is required and when. Farway will help you to manage that.